We always tend to make firm decisions towards the end of the year for a new year and it would most likely run smooth for the first few weeks, but now that new year crase has passed and slowly your resolutions are phasing out.

Hope you planned for the new year,? No? Well Q1 just finished but it isn’t too late either. Grab a pen and paper, here are some things to quickly put in place this year.

Create a routine; and practise it consistently. Ever heard about the 21 days rule? RUn your routine straight for 21 days, no breaks in between and the said effect of the rule is that the routine becomes a habit.

Have a Month on Month growth plan: Have and track things that directly influence your business sales/ growth, like your number of sales, number of leads and the conversion rate, where are you customers coming from?

Knowing what to pay attention to helps channel your energy in the right direction and you know what to do to direct influence the different points to help your business grow.

This year apply for something as a business; grants, awards, a course/ training, competition etc. Being out there at these sort of programs help in many ways to understand the industry better and even the economy as a whole. You get to meet people running businesses similar/ different to yours and helps you determine what you’ve done right and what you should be doing different.

And of course you also get the chance to win money, awards and get some good PR.

Partner Up;  Find someone that can push the vision with you, find an advisor for your business, find a business mentor. RUnning a business can be tough, you need the support!

Your ‘side gig’ is a few simple processes away from being a proper business; For any business its the processes that count and keeps it running even when the founder isn’t there. Build more processes around your business this year, a simple excel sheet is a big enough step, keep track of what worked and what didn;t. Don’t sleep on what could be the next big thing.

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  1. I totally agree, creating routines and sticking to them daily have been for me the most strategic decisions since 2019 began, now over 90days. Still on them.

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